One of the most popular ways to “close” shoes and thus keep it on your foot is lacing. 

It is one of the oldest methods, but to this day it plays a very important role. In recent years, in addition to the basic function, that is, binding, laces are an important fashion element. The designers and manufacturers of shoes, mainly with the help of properly selected laces, shape their final external appearance.

The use of appropriate laces depending on the type of footwear is also very important for reasons relating to use. Different laces are used for formal footwear, others for trekking, and still others for military footwear

Bafesto is one of the largest lace manufacturers in Europe.

Our machine park allows us to produce many types of laces, from different types of yarns and with different tipping. Our production capacity gives our customers a sense of comfort – regardless of order size.

We supply laces, also through subsidiaries, to various manufacturers in many countries around the world. Within this group of companies and this product, the so-called Competence Centre is located in Bafesto.

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