Always there where you are

  • supply of products of the highest quality and usability
  • always providing the latest solutions
  • providing a wide range of products for all your needs
  • anticipating your usability expectations


Our values

The traditions of our shareholders go back many years – during this time, an appropriate culture of work and values was created, which was a signpost in the daily work. This is also reflected in us, at Bafesto.


This is one of the basic principles of our company. Our activities both inside and outside the company (working with customers) are based on trust. Mutual trust.


We strive to be treated as a reliable partner through our actions, as a company and as employees who can be relied on.

Ready for / to change

The world is changing, reality is changing. We are ready and open to this. We adapt to stay up to date, to stay ahead of upcoming changes.


We get satisfaction from every little success. First of all, yours as our customer. This drives us and motivates us to work even more efficiently. After all, we share your success.