We have been associated with the footwear industry since the beginning of the company’s existence. We rely on our many years of experience and from the great tradition that our shareholders have in this industry.

Shoes and leather goods are exposed to many negative factors. These include manufacturing processes, mechanical influences generated during use as well as external factors such as changing temperature and humidity. 

Our textile components add significant value to our customers’ products.

They optimize processing, improve quality and provide lasting comfort. We act in advance and in line with upcoming trends – thanks to a wide range of standard products and products made to order that exactly meet the requirements of our customers. After all, high-quality footwear and leather goods require high-quality textile components.

We offer our customers textiles manufactured using many technologies, such as:

  • braiding,
  • weaving,
  • knitting,
  • coating,
  • lamination.

We have our own accredited laboratory where we test manufactured articles.