In the 1738 Universal Lexicon of All Sciences and Arts, the candle is very poeticly defined as “… wick yarn covered with tallow or wax, which after being lit emits a bright glow… ”

We consider ourself a manufacturer of wicks for each of your candles. Wicks are textiles – so we have a lot of experience in this area. Over the years, we had used the knowledge of our sister company Bergal Erfurter Flechttechnik, providing you with wicks made in Germany. Currently, we rely on our own wicks, which we develop independently and with the participation of our customers.

We are not afraid of challenges – that’s why we produce wicks.

Our strenghts

  • individualised selection of wicks
  • wide range of standard wicks
  • special preparation for each type of mixture
  • raw and bleached wicks available
  • different types of confectioning