In our plant, laces are created for all types of footwear:

  • formal
  • daily use
  • children’s
  • sports
  • trekking
  • protective
  • and for uniformed services.

We offer laces that are braided, woven, knitted, with a circular, oval and flat cross-section. From natural and synthetic raw materials, including cotton, linen, polyester, spec polyester. We also produce laces using bio cotton (we have GOTS certification) and recycled polyester. We also process other raw materials, among others, polyamide and aramid, which we use to produce laces for special purposes. They are applicable in protective footwear and for uniformed services.

At the request of our customers, we supply laces in a wide range of finishes, such as waxed, flame retardant, hydrophobic, also meeting the requirements of Gore Tex.

For their tipping we use tapes in several colors and lengths. We also offer customized tipping (T-lace).

At the disposal of our customers we leave catalogues together with color cards.

Our strengths:

  • wide product range
  • rich colour palette, always fashionable design
  • top quality raw materials, also environmentally friendly
  • different ways of confectioning

Waxed. Style and elegance

Waxed laces, especially for formal shoes, glossed in different ways.. Colours according to the colour card for cotton.

Eco. In harmony with nature

Laces made of raw materials of natural origin and recyclate, as well as from our “Green Line” series meeting GOTS requirements.

Kids’. Magic of colours

Laces for kid, colorful, cheerful. In an unlimited number of designs, also available as printed. Colours according to the colour card for cotton and polyester.

Special. Other

Laces unlike any other –  satin, velvet, metallized yarn, of rhips tape. Available colours according to special colour cards.

Sport & Protection. The power is with you

Laces in this category are designed for trekking, sports, work shoes. Resistant to wearing and tearing. For special tasks. made of special polyester and polyamide.

Printed. Your logotype

Polyester laces, printed. Depending on your needs, we will print them with your logo or other graphics. One-sided or two-sided printing.

Flexible. Without binding

Elastic laces – rubber band – round or flat, with a cap or in linear meters. Available colours according t0 colour card for polyester.

Tipping. Choose for yourself

We offer standard transparent tipping in several lengths as well as coloured, with a printed logo, and special “T-lace” tipping used e.g. in gift bags.