High quality products are the most important thing for us.

Thanks to frequent contact in customer factories and intensive exchange of information, we immediately respond to requests for modifications, new parameters and other customer requirements aimed at optimizing the production process and obtaining the highest quality products.

Raw material

As a certified wick manufacturer, we use only the highest quality raw and bleached yarns from regular suppliers. Together with maintaining constant technological parameters, this guarantees high quality and repeatability of production batches. We rework raw materials with special finishes:

We rework raw materials with special finishes:

  • preparation for paraffin
  • preparation for sterain
  • preparation for palm wax
  • preparation for beeswax
  • other, special mixtures



We are flexible in terms of wick confection.      

Standard confection parameters:

Wicks on spools:           

Standard spools available: cylindrical 6”, 8”
Standard windings available: 1,5kg

Coated wicks:

Available lengths: 50-300mm
Available plaques (height): 3mm, 6mm


If you are interested in another way of confectioning, please contact us.


The experience gained over many years and compliance with the technological regime allowed us to meet all requirements (REACh, Oeko Tex) to obtain a RAL certificate.