Bafesto as a manufacturer and supplier of technical textiles.

Our products are used in many technical areas.

We offer finished products, semi-finished products for further processing as well as finishing services on entrusted materials. For this, we use this both textile and non-textile raw materials.


For automotive manufacturers we offer various solutions related to reinforcement and sealing.

Our products are included in such elements as seat covers, armrests, headrests. Although invisible, they perform very important functions

Elastic cords

Elastic cords are available in diameters of 5, 6, 8 and 10mm. Colours – depending on the raw material.

Cable braids

We offer cable braiding service.

A wide range of colours and patterns, usually polyester braiding.

Suction hose braiding

We have all the technology needed for braiding thick extraction hoses.

The braid has a protective function, facilitates work, affects the aesthetics.

A wide range of colours available.


Composite materials

We offer sleeves and tapes made of carbon, kevlar, glass and hybrids of these raw materials.

Depending on the angle of the fibers, a different diameter / width of the tape is obtained.

They are used wherever, for example, a highly durable , lightweight product is needed.